About Jordan

Tha Agnostic’s Prayer

The only time I ever prayed, I thought my cat Hoover was dying.

I didn’t pray to any god in particular. Desperation takes away pride
and shame and leaves you naked, without choice. I dropped to my
knees, my soul full-frontal, raised my hands to the heavens,
and howled like an infant with gas to Whomever would listen.

It seemed to work. Hoover got well.
Or, maybe it didn’t work. Maybe Hoover survived on his own resources,
no-one listened.

There was no telling. Somewhere out in the space-time
continuum, Pascal, that clever bastard, was cackling.

Not knowing Whom, or What, to thank, but weighing what’s to
lose against what’s to lose, I got down on my knees again and
posted a prayer to the Entire Universe.
Forwarding to the Great WhomWhat.

–William Jordan, 5/11/15

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